Why use a recruitment agency to find a job

Looking for a new job can be stressful and time consuming. However, once you finally land yourself a new job, it is all worth it!

But, did you know there is a way you can make it easier on yourself, and increase your chances of getting interview for high quality positions?

Recruiters are connected to some of Australia’s best employers, and by using their expertise and dedication, they may be able to connect you to roles that otherwise aren’t publicly advertised. 

Ultimately the role of a recruiter is to facilitate a successful job match, which is a win for both the employer and the employee!

1. Exclusivity

Recruiters often have access to roles that you will not find anywhere else. Why? When companies use recruiters, this means they often won’t advertise the job themselves, instead leaving the whole process in the hands of the recruiter. When recruiters are given a new role to fill, they will first and foremost, look at their own database and their own professional connections. They are networking professionals and will often find suitable candidates before needing to publicly advertise the role. In fact, posting n a job bard like seek for example, is usually a secondary resource. So, if you’re relying on job bards, you’re likely missing out on valuable opportunities. 

2. Career development and progression

Once you’ve proven yourself as a valuable employee, you will be kept in the recruiter’s database, and they will keep you in mind for any future suitable roles that arise. If you’re working with an experienced and specialised recruiter that understands your industry well, they will be able to clearly understand what the next step is for you and how you can naturally progress as the years go on. 

3. It’s free!

Yes, that’s right, you can have a specialised recruiter working to find you a high-quality job with a reputable organisation, and it won’t cost you a thing, in fact, you will find they are able to source a competitive salary for you. Recruiters are paid by the companies, meaning it’s a completely free service as a job seeker.

4. Guidance and support

Once your recruiter has successfully found you a job, they will be able to provide coaching and support in preparing your application, updating your resume accordingly and even give interview tips. Remember, if the recruiter deemed you suitable and referred you to a role, it is in their best interest to get you hired! They will support you how ever you need. They will also be able to provide insights into the hiring process, who your interviewer will be and prepare you for the next stage – all the information that is typically not included in the job description. 

5. Confidential 

Your recruiter will not notify your current employer that you are seeking work, and all conversations with them will remain confidential and only extend when they refer you for an opportunity that you’re interested in.

Remember to always be open and honest with your recruiter about your current situation and future goals. You do not want to risk being matched for a job you aren’t suitable for. The recruiters reputation with their client is on the line, so always ensure you’re punctual, with open communication, and are putting your best foot forward with any opportunity you’re interested in.

Happy job hunting! 

If you are an IT professional who is open to new opportunities, you can reach out to us today, or simply submit your resume to be notified for suitable vacancies. 


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