How a recruiter can help you find your dream job, and competitive salary – for free!

Do you ever feel like your dream job with a competitive salary is completely out of reach? 

Many people stay complacent in jobs they don’t love, simply because it seems like a “dream” to find the perfect role for them! 

But what if we told you that there was a service that can help you locate available roles (that usually aren’t posted on any public job boards), help you with resume and interview tips, help you negotiate your ideal terms and support you every step of the way… And what if we told you that service was completely free?

Seems too good to be true, but it is not, it is simple the job of a qualified and experienced recruiter. 

How does recruitment work?

Recruiters work on behalf of organisations to source and recruit top quality candidates for roles they are trying to fill in their business. There are countless reasons why using an external recruitment agency is good for business, this blog summarises it right here.

The good news for you is that they are always actively looking for experienced and quality candidates to either fill a specific role, or if none are suitable, add to their candidate database.

What is the best way to connect with a recruiter?

You can reach out to to a recruiter in a number of ways, but first think about which recruiters you want to connect with. Not all are made equal, and as with most professions, there is a wide range of experience out there. Consider a specialist recruiter who is focused on your industry (I.T or marketing for example) as they will have better and more strategic connections to quality organisations. 

You can usually reach out to recruiters via their website or even via LinkedIn connections. Don’t be shy, recruiters are always looking to make new relationships and build up their database. 

Are you looking for an I.T Recruiter to help find you your dream job?

At Capital Talent Consulting, we have a strong history of connecting I.T professionals with quality organisations such as Microsoft, RAGQ, Government contracts and so much more. Our point of difference is that our recruiters all come from the I.T industry themselves, so they speak your language, and have the ability to find you roles that fit your skillset and desired career goals. Be sure to reach out today!


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